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Online and one to one therapy for panic attacks and anxiety,

Unique, proven therapy
which has been used by hundreds of clients successfully.

Vincent Benedict DipHyp CS, DipSPS, CertTH, NLP Pract
Phone/Whatsapp 077 8215 8008 for more advice


“By coming to this page, you are showing that you have had enough of suffering your living hell, and want to eliminate your panic attacks and anxiety.   You will probably have found that the medication your doctor recommended only masked your problem.  Your counsellor was probably only interested in discussing some stressful event, but has never come up with a solution.   The natural therapies and multivitamins have failed to deliver what they promised.
Your heart is probably still beating fast, the dizziness is with you all day, and hyperventilation comes and goes, at will.  Your safety zone is getting smaller and taking your children to school, or going to work, becomes a bigger obstacle each day.  The temptation now is to reach out to anyone who offers a miracle cure at an inflated price.  You are now at your most vulnerable, and you are probably starting to believe that no-one understands what you are going through, and this is it for the rest of your life.

“It doesn’t have to be like this.  Have a read of the  “my story”  link at the top of your page.  I suffered just like you for 20 years whilst serving in the RAF, and I am now fully recovered.   I am also a fully qualified therapist, with full insurance, and have now dedicated my life to helping people like you become ex-sufferers.   I have helped huge numbers of people turn their lives around and my facebook page is one of the largest owned by a therapist.   Make a decision today to trust me 100% and get on the road to recovery.  My methods are real and work over and over again; all I ask is that you are motivated to succeed.  Have a read of the rest of the page, and then decide whether you are ready to take the first step and contact me.   I am looking forward to working with you.  In my opinion this is the best programme for panic attacks and anxiety.”

Vincent Benedict DipHyp CS, DipSPC, CertTH, NLP Pract

What will this programme for panic attacks and anxiety do for you? If you are suffering from the symptoms of anxiety disorder, then this  programme, with my support, will provide release from your nightmares, AND ELIMINATE YOUR PANIC ATTACKS AND ANXIETY. These are the same techniques I used to eliminate my 20 years of panic attacks (have a read of my personal story on this website); the only difference is that I have added an amazing support package to make it easier for your recovery. You will notice relief from the very first module, where I teach you to reduce your stress, and also provide you with two mp3 recordings to aid your relaxation.  Everything is straightforward and easy to follow. All you need to do is provide the wish to eliminate your panic attacks and live a carefree life.

*** Please note that costs may vary slightly due to currency exchange rate.

*** Please note that you may cancel your membership at any time, without any penalty.    You are welcome to rejoin at any time.



Is this what you want?   Do you want to live the life you were leading before all these problems started?   Let me provide it for you.  Why not have a look at my business facebook page and see all the great feedback.   Please feel free to contact anyone on the page and ask for feedback.

Eliminate Your Panic Attacks and Anxiety Facebook page

There are many products on the market to eliminate your panic attacks, but most are coping strategies.   I am not interested in helping you cope!  These are the techniques I personally used to eliminate my panic attacks, and they have also worked with anxiety and agoraphobia sufferers.   This programme has the following advantages:

1.   I will contact you via skype or any other medium, so you don’t need to leave home.  This is particularly important for clients who are unable to go outside, or travel to see a therapist.
2.   These techniques are tried and tested, and have worked for me and hundreds of my clients. I have added some very effective recordings, and an amazing support package,  which make this programme unbeatable.   These recordings will help you de-stress and become more positive in your daily life.
3.   The whole programme is altered to suit your personal needs.  During our first session, I will discuss your history and come up with a way forward for you.


Still not sure?  That’s ok.  Many people feel that their problem can’t be cured or have given up hope of getting their life back to where it used to be, before the anxiety disorders appeared..   If this is you, I suggest you do the following:

1.  Go to my facebook page and have a look around at the great feedback.  It has been there since 12 Dec 2012 and is the top page belonging to a therapist.  If we weren’t doing something right, we would not have lasted this long and with so many members.


2.  Don’t want to sign up to anything till you are sure?  Give me a ring, or Whatsapp me on 077 8215 8008, or contact me via Facebook, with any questions.


During our
sessions, we will be discussing various topics depending on your personal circumstances.  Here is an example of a programme I put together for a previous client.

Module 1 – Introduction to the programme.
Why do you have panic attacks?
Symptoms of a panic attack.
What should I do?
Will this work for me?
Instructions to stop accommodating your anxiety.
Breathing exercises.
Two mp3 recordings to reduce negative thoughts and stress.

Module 2 –  Panic Attack symptoms are good for you?
What not to do.
Easy technique to give you a boost when you are feeling down.

Module 3 –  Diverting your mind.
Starting your Day technique.
mp3 recording to imagine yourself without anxiety.

Module 4 – “So What!” technique.
Panic Attack Roller Coaster technique.
Ride the Wave technique (all the way from Kathmandu!).
mp3 recording to Eliminate Panic Attacks 

Module 5 – Check your diet

Module 6 – Reminders to make sure you are doing it correctly.
mp3 recording to eliminate any negativity.

Module 7 –   Ring of Confidence technique so that you can feel confident, motivated and strong whenever you want.
Two mp3 recordings to give you confidence and motivation whenever you need it..

 Module 8 – Repetitive Thoughts / Intrusive thoughts.
Recording of technique for you to follow to eliminate these thoughts.

Module 9 – Kick Agoraphobia out (beat agoraphobia by putting the Moment of Recoil on its head!)

Module 10 – Fear of Driving


The different modules will be discussed with you on an agreed timescale.  This is to stop you being overloaded with information right at the beginning, and it also gives you a set structure to follow.   The mp3 recordings have been made by myself and can’t be purchased elsewhere.   They will deal specifically with negative thoughts, anxiety and panic attacks.  You can listen to them on the computer or download them to your phone or cd.   For support, you can email me or contact me via facebook chat, Whatsapp, skype, phone or face-to-face .   As an added bonus, you will also receive membership to a closed facebook group for my personal clients.

Here are the packages available:

1. For one month working with me one to one, online, the total cost is £175 per month.  This is for one session per week but may be more, depending on your needs.  The price stays the same, regardless of the number of sessions.
2.  I am also happy to have visitors to Broadstairs, Kent, England for intensive weekend sessions.  Total cost for a full Saturday and Sunday is £300 per day.  I shall be working with you personally for 2 complete days, addressing any phobias, exposure therapy etc.  Please note that you will be responsible for your own hotel, food and travel costs.
3.   For single sessions online, the cost is £45 per session.
4.   Overseas by negotiation.
5.   If you just need a little support or going through a hard time, please contact me for reduced rates for single sessions.

Made your mind up and ready to start?  Phone or whatspp me on 07782158008, or email and I will get back to you with availability.

*** Please note that costs may vary slightly due to currency exchange rate.

*** Please note that you may cancel your membership at any time, without any penalty.    You are welcome to rejoin at any time.

*** Please note that I do not offer any refunds, as you are paying for my time and not the results.   With any form of therapy, much of the success of any treatment is determined by your motivation and determination.

“I’m proud to say I haven’t been this happy in a long time!!! I been in the program about 10 days and it has helped me so much,I have achieved two goals this week that I was afraid of doing and had not done it in years.  I finally was able to say “So What! If I get a panic attack”,but I didn’t even get one.There’s hope for all of you that always have the fear,because there was times when I wanted to give up but thank god I found this program and told myself I can do this.”

*** Disclaimer: Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

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