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panic attacks facilities

Panic Attacks assistance for sufferers is poor

panic attacks

Don’t let people discourage you from eliminating your panic attacks

Insufficient facilities for sufferers of panic attacks
Panic attacks are on the increase due to the stresses of modern living.   Despite this increase, facilities available to help you when you are struck down, still remains the same as it has been for years.The doctor is normally the first port of call and this normally involves being put on medication and a referral to a specialist.   However, these specialists are so over stretched that people have to suffer in silence for many months before they are seen by anyone.  Rebecca Walton, in a recent BBC radio interview, described how she had been waiting for 4 months without any sign of light at the end of the tunnel.   Many sufferers of panic attacks also have to give up work and therefore don’t have the funds to pay for private treatment.
 Vincent Benedict (www.panicattacktherapist.com) explains how he receives numerous emails and telephone calls each day from people who suffer from panic attacks and are desperate for any kind of help.   “The cost to the economy must run into millions through the cost of medication, keeping people on benefits, and regular calls to the emergency services.  If the government was to introduce a more robust system where sufferers of panic attacks are seen more quicker, before their symptoms get worse, then they would save a lot of money.”
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BBC Radio interview with Rebecca Walton about agoraphobia, mental health awareness and The Mental Health Struggle – From Agoraphobe to CEO. Can also be listened to here: www.bbc.co.uk from 1 hour & 7 minutes in See the full project details here and help raise awareness: www.kickstarter.com You can send in your submissions for the book to: thementalhealthstruggle@gmail.com A lot of people don’t realize that depression is an illness. I don’t wish it on anyone, but if they would know how it feels, I swear they would think twice before they just shrug it. Jonathan Davis. How many people do you think face mental health issues every day? That number in your head would probably need doubling before you got anywhere close. Depression, bi-polar, anxiety, agoraphobia, eating disorders, ADHD, the list is completely endless. What do these people do to get by? Take tablets, see counsellors, get told it will “all go away eventually.” Others do some incredible things; such as become a celebrity, run a business or travel the World in a boat. It is about time that these people’s stories were told. In order to give inspiration to others, be recognised for their achievements and to help those who are also going through tough times. The Mental Health Struggle – From Agoraphobe to CEO is a book in the making that aims to put together all of these incredible people’s stories. So far, we have over 100 real stories to sort through and thousands of real pictures. Once this is completed, it will
*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

Would you know what to do?

How to help someone having a panic attack

How to Help Someone Having a Panic Attack.   Would you know what to do?

An attack is a terrifying thing.  If one of your friends, co-workers or loved ones experiences a panic attack, remember that you can be in a position to be a great comfort to them, if you just understand that what they are going through is far more intense than you can likely imagine.   All people are different and what works for one person may not work for another.  Follow the advice in the video and, if the sufferer is a friend, have a chat with them and find out what they find comforting.  If the sufferer is not receiving any therapy, ask him to look at this programme.


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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

Another piece of the jigsaw

Stop panic attacks by using relaxation techniques

Stop panic attacks by learning to relax
There are many pieces to the jigsaw to stop panic attacks, and relaxation is one of them. Find a sport or hobby to relax, and divert your mind from negative thinking. Perhaps find 5 minutes a couple of times a day to sit and relax to soothing music (see attached video).  Regular relaxation will help reduce stress and anxiety, and assist you on your journey to stop panic attacks.

To be clear: relaxation for anxiety is not referring to sleeping your life away.  Rather you can think more clearly and work more productively when you are calmer.  Over time you can learn to be motivated, excited and passionate, while remaining appropriately calm.

For more details, please go to our facebook page and read other great free advice for reducing anxiety and fears.  You can also ask for a buddy to offer each other mutual support and guidance.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

Contact today and put your mind at ease

skype/phone for panic attack advice

Panic Attack Therapist

Skype/phone for panic attack advice

Many of our clients just need someone to talk to about their problem.   Perhaps you are confused about the sensations you are experiencing, or you want to know if there is a permanent cure?  If you are unable to see me as a face to face client, then an alternative is to skype or phone for panic attack advice.  I am very knowledgeable about anxiety/panic attacks and will tell you exactly what is happening to you in easy, understandable language.

Sessions can be arranged for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

Charge for 30 minutes is £25
Charge for 60 minutes is £45 (if session takes longer, there is no additional charge).

Please pay the required amount  through this link and then contact me via benedict449@btinternet.com or 077 8215 8008 to arrange a time for the skype or phone session.   If you wish to use skype, my address is vincent.benedict449.
It is your responsibility to call me at the arranged time; I shall wait 15 minutes for you to call after which the appointment will be cancelled.   There can be no refunds.   If a cancellation is caused by myself, with less than 12 hours notice, I will refund all your money and carry out a later appointment with you for free.

Please ensure that you will not be disturbed during the duration of the appointment.   It is best to have a pen and paper available to take notes. Skype or phone for panic attack advice could be the answer for your problems.


panic attack online programme

Pay here for online programme



*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

To stop panic attacks, speak to a therapist

Stop Panic Attacks

Caffeine and panic attacks

Your mind has learned the habit of panic attacks, and it can also learn to stop panic attacks.
Occupying your mind is simple as the human brain can only concentrate on between five and nine things at a time. Start by focusing on controlling your breathing, then on the air that’s flowing in and out, followed by the feeling in your throat as you breathe. Keep adding sensations or positive thoughts until your mind is so full of positive activity that you can’t think of any worries at all!

Stop Panic Attacks

Talk to your doctor about switching up your diet if you want to get healthier and stop panic attacks. He can refer you to a nutritionist who can help you balance out your meals in a way that will work for your lifestyle and body type, leading to less stress and more happiness.

If you’re having a panic attack it’s okay to admit it. Understanding what is happening to your body is a normal function and that it will pass shortly is key to getting over it. Don’t ignore it or pretend that nothing is happening or you’ll never be able to stop panic attacks for good.

As you have read, there are many methods of freeing yourself from troublesome panic attacks. You deserve to have a life that is not controlled by the discomforts brought on by panic attacks. Begin implementing these ideas and work each day to help yourself. You can and will feel free, if you choose.  By seeking specialist advice from an experienced therapist, you can retrain your subconscious to stop panic attacks.
To start on your journey to stop panic attacks, click here.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

Don't avoid specific places

Panic attacks in supermarkets

Panic Attacks in Supermarkets

Panic attacks in supermarkets are very common, especially in today’s society of stress and anxiety.   It is not important to ascertain what has caused the original panic attack.  What is important is our reaction to it.
Some people will just shrug it off and it will never reoccur.   Others will, unfortunately, when they re-enter the supermarket on another day, say to themselves “I had a panic attack last time I was here.  I wonder if it will happen again?”   When this happens, there is a strong chance that the attack will reoccur.   If this is repeated, then panic attacks in supermarkets become a learned fear and the result may be an avoidance of the area.
It is important to understand that supermarkets can’t cause panic attacks; what has happened is that you have created a connection between the attack and the supermarket.   If you suffer from this or any other type of panic attack, click here.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.
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