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Caffeine and panic attacks

Caffeine and Panic Attacks
Caffeine and panic attacks can affect people in different ways. Some people can drink large quantities and be seemingly unaffected, whilst others only need a small bit and are nervous, jittery,unable to sleep, and feeling anxious. The amount of time it takes caffeine to leave each person’s system can also vary dramatically .
It is generally understood that with caffeine and panic attacks , caffeine stimulation can be triggered by a misinterpretation of a physiological response. It’s easy to see how caffeine’s affect on the central nervous system could mistakenly trigger a fear response that triggers the panic attack.
Caffeine toxicity can also produce an array of symptoms that can look similar to many categories of anxiety disorders or panic attacks. Some people in the medical profession believe that people are often misdiagnosed and medicated unnecessarily when they are actually suffering from the effects of caffeine.
In small doses many people report very positive effects on their mood after ingesting caffeine. It appears that in larger doses there are problems that can occur with caffeine and panic attacks.  For example one study on children and Mountain Dew showed an association between large amounts of caffeine and depression. Caffeine can cause a crash in some people that can mimic depression.
If you suffer from panic attacks or panic disorder, it would be important to pay attention to the association between your caffeine and panic attacks. Keeping a chart where you note what occurs after drinking your morning coffee or soft drink can help you to see if your symptoms of panic are actually symptoms of caffeine stimulation.

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Hypnosolution.co.uk – Broadstairs, United Kingdom – Facebook


Hypnosolution.co.uk, Broadstairs, United Kingdom. 89 likes · 12 talking Oprah Winfrey on panic attacks interviews Jonathan Knight. panicattacktherapist.com

*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

Oprah Winfrey on panic attacks, interviews Jonathan Knight (New Kids On The Block) about his panic disorder.

Oprah Winfrey on panic attacks

Oprah Winfrey on panic attacks, interviews Jonathan Knight (New Kids On The Block) about his panic disorder.
Oprah Winfrey on panic attacks is a great video and shows how panic attacks is not selective over whom it affects.   It doesn’t matter if you are the most famous person on the planet, with the world at your feet.   Oprah Winfrey on panic attacks, shows that panic attacks are crippling and can bring the whole deck of cards come tumbling down.   If this has happened to you and you need help today, go to this link.
List of celebrities who have had problems with panic attacks/anxiety:
George Michael, David Bowie, Peter Andre, Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, Helen Flanagan and thousands more.   You are not alone!

Oprah Winfrey on panic attacks, interviews Jonathan Knight (New Kids On The Block) about his panic disorder.
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Caffeine and panic attacks - a lethal mixture?

Caffeine and panic attacks

Caffeine and panic Attacks – a lethal mixture?

Caffeine and panic attacks is potentially a lethal mixture.  Check your diet to see if you are drinking and as healthily as possible.   In many cases, the anxiety may have been caused by a change in drinking habits.   The symptoms of drinking too much caffeine can be similar to those of a panic attack, and all it may need is for you to reduce caffeine intake.   Artificial sweetners, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks/soda, coffee/tea etc can cause havoc with your stability and should be investigated.  Panic attacks give you an adrenaline rush and caffeine and panic attacks are a similar reaction.  Try keeping a diary for a week of everything you drink.  After the week, investigate everything you enter in the diary and look at its contents/make up.  Research it on the internet and eliminate it if it is not good for you.   Try and drink healthy drinks whenever possible.   Switch to herbal teas, especially camomile.   If you are still not sure about your diet, contact a nutritionist for advice.
Have a look at the following video to receive more advice about suggested teas.

Also, have a look at your alcohol intake and the numbers of cigarettes you are smoking each day.   Caffeine and panic attacks are just one poor connection; check your daily lifestyle to see if there are more.

I’m on a Journey of complete recovery over my panic attacks and extreme anxiety the natural way!! (NO ANTI DEPRESSANTS!!) This is one of the things that I’m doing to help on a daily basis. I struggle with my anxiety and panic on a daily basis and am sooo tired! I’m hoping that drinking this tea over time, along with taking my herbs will help me get well soon!!! My hopes is that you will go on this Journey with me! Thanks…

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

Extreme Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Panic Attack Therapist

Extreme Panic Attacks and Anxiety and no help!!!
Extreme panic attacks are on the increase and there doesn’t seem to be much out there to help sufferers.   Doctors will tell you there is nothing wrong with you, and put you on medication.   Psychiatrists will try and blame everything on what happened to you when you were 4 years old.   It seems the problem is that, unless you are a sufferer of extreme panic attacks, no-one really understands how bad it can get.If you want to look at how much extreme panic attacks are  costing the economy, the numbers are immense.  There are many people on benefits because they can’t work, the doctor’s surgeries are clogged up by people who think they have heart problems, and the emergency services are continually being used because sufferers think they are dying.   If even a small sum of money was invested in providing advice to sufferers, instead of putting them on antedepressants, we could save a lot of money and have millions of happier people.

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Reduce anxiety levels

Top 5 tips to reduce anxiety

Reduce Anxiety Levels by following the suggestions below
Here are a few tips to reduce anxiety levels:

1.   Daily practice some breathing technique exercises to reduce anxiety levels.

2.   Copy down the following questions from the notice board onto a piece of paper and carry it around with you?   Ask yourself these questions when you start feeling any anxious sensations.

reduce anxiety

reduce anxiety by following these great tips

3.   Try some form of exercise, even if it is just a brisk walk.   Unused muscles become tense and can cause anxiety.

4.   Reduce caffeine and alcohol.   Camomile tea is great for relaxing you, and to help reduce anxiety.

5.   Read self-help motivational books or listen to inspiring music.


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Meditation for anxiety is another great tool to have

Meditation for anxiety

Meditation for anxiety

Meditation for anxiety is another great tool worth looking at.   If you are finding it hard to relax, then it may be worthwhile looking at meditation for anxiety problems.   Meditation has been used for several thousand years to settle your mind, and give you some space.   It can help you slow down any anxious thoughts, give you an alternative view to what is happening to you, and also divert your mind.

Meditation for anxiety issues is simple to learn and there are many groups available in most areas.   If you find it hard to leave your house, then find a suitable instructional video like the one below.  Meditation for anxiety can be carried out anywhere.  You can do it on the train to work, sitting in the park or when you have a spare 10 minutes at home.   Time is also not a factor.  I have had short meditations which have only lasted 2 minutes and, at other times, they have lasted half an hour.
Although I have heard of several cases where meditation has cured anxiety, I use it mainly as a coping tool.   Have a listen to the video below and read some of the following links for more information.To eliminate your anxiety or panic attacks permanently, go to this link.

Small documentary on day to day clinical Meditation by Mark williams.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.
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