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Panic Attacks over Easter on the increase

Panic Attacks over Easter

Panic Attacks over Easter to increase

Panic attacks over Easter and other Bank Holidays normally increase as people have more time on their hands.  During a normal week, there is the distraction of work and getting children to school etc.   However, during Bank Holidays, there are two completely different scenarios:

1.   More time on your hands means there are fewer distractions, and more time to dwell on negative thinking.

2.   On the other hand, many people have parties arranged and outings to various attractions.   These places are full of people and rushing around, thereby causing more stress for the sufferer.   This is also a breeding place for people to have their first panic attack.

To try and counteract having panic attacks over Easter and other Bank Holidays, learn some breathing exercises and other techniques to keep your anxiety at bay.   Also, be mindful of what you feel you can comfortably handle and don’t push yourself too far.   If you feel that your anxiety or panic attacks are affecting your daily life and you need someone to help you get back on track, click here for further advice.   It doesn’t have to be like this but you need to make the decision to take the first step.


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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

What is a panic attack

What is a panic attack?

Panic Attack Therapist

What is a panic attack?

“What is a panic attack” is one of the most searched for questions on the internet.   A panic attack affects most people at some time in their life, and this normally triggers off a period of researching so that sufferers can try and find the cure.
Panic attacks are periods of intense fear or apprehension that are of sudden onset, and of variable duration of minutes to hours. Panic attacks usually begin abruptly, may reach a peak within 10 minutes, but may continue for much longer, if the sufferer had the attack triggered by a situation from which they are not able to escape. In panic attacks that continue unabated, and are triggered by a situation from which the sufferer desires to escape, some sufferers may make frantic efforts to escape, which may be violent if others attempt to contain the sufferer. Some panic attacks can subside on their own over the next several hours. Often, those afflicted will experience significant anticipatory anxiety and limited symptom attacks in between attacks, in situations where attacks have previously occurred.
The effects of a panic attack vary. Some, notably first-time sufferers, may call for emergency services. Many who experience a panic attack, mostly for the first time, fear they are having a heart attack or a nervous breakdown.   “What is a panic attack”, can become a very hard question to answer.
Experiencing a panic attack has been said to be one of the most intensely frightening, upsetting and uncomfortable experiences of a person’s life and may take days to initially recover from. Repeated panic attacks are considered a symptom of panic disorder.  One of the main reasons for the fear is that the sufferer, in most cases, is not sure of what is happening to him.  Hence, the questions based around “what is a panic attack?”

If you feel that you are suffering from a panic attack, it is important to contact a doctor in the first instance.   If it is discovered that you don’t have any physical problems, it is important to undertake some form of therapy to stop the problem becoming ingrained.

join our page here

join our page here

An online course (click here to read full details) with full support may be the answer to get you back to feeling full of life again.   This course is very affordable, has had very successful outcomes and you will be taken through the modules by the creator of the course, Vincent Benedict.   You will learn all the answers to questions like “what is a panic attack”, “why am I getting these sensations”, “How do I stop this happening to me”.

It is important to not keep putting off addressing your symptoms.
Read here about what a programme should include.

what is a panic attack

Most panic attacks are caused by stress


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A clinical psychologist describes the symptoms of panic disorder, the treatments available, and what to do if someone you know has a panic attack.  What is a panic attack?
 *** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.




Facebook Buddy System for Panic Attack Sufferers

Facebook Buddy System

It is hard enough to tackle your panic attacks, but even worse when you have to do it alone, and without anyone around who understands what you are going through. has now come up with the idea of starting a Facebook Buddy System to help people, who feel they would benefit from support from someone who has already completed the programme and has more experience of the techniques we teach.

New clients, or those going through a bad patch, can now buddy up with another member who has more experience of the programme, and receive the  support they need.   If you feel that you need that extra bit of support, just post your request on the page and wait for someone to contact you.   If you don’t feel confident enough to make a request, just read the posts for a few days till you feel you are ready.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

Stop Panic Attacks

Stop Panic Attacks

Stop Panic Attacks
The chances are that you have come to this page because you are suffering from panic attacks, and are looking for a way to stop panic attacks.
stop panic attacks

What you need to learn first is that there are coping techniques, and methods to stop panic attacks completely.   Many people get confused by the two and think techniques like deep breathing will stop your panic attacks.   This is untrue as, normally, when you do this type of breathing, the panic attack has already started.   Medication is also just another coping strategy.   It helps to mask the problem but will not stop panic attacks returning.The biggest block to stop panic attacks is your motivation.   Most sufferers confine themselves to a life of avoidance and medication, afraid to take the first step.  They are afraid of the unknown and refuse to budge, even though they know that no escape comes from sitting down and doing nothing.   Imagine that you are a pigeon in the middle of the road and a car is approaching fast.  You can either get scared and close your eyes and hope the car misses you, or you can take action and fly away from danger.   You know the second choice is the sensible choice; don’t you think it is now time to make choices like this with the rest of your life?Have a look at the video below about taking that big step in your life?   Ever wondered what you have to lose?

If you are ready to stop panic attacks, then you need to learn techniques like The Rollercoaster technique, as taught on the online programme, Eliminate Panic Attacks and Anxiety.   Regular use of this technique will help you accept the symptoms, and once the fear has gone, the panic will disappear.   If you have had enough of coping, or standing in the middle of the road with your eyes closed,  and want to stop panic attacks, go to this link and learn to get your life back.   Remember what it was like before the panic attacks arrived?   You can get back there and start living a fulfilling life again.


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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

Decide today to get rid of your panic attack victim mentality

Panic Attack Victim Mentality

Recovery from panic attacks
Panic Attack victim mentality
One of the main reasons why so many people suffer from panic attacks, and continue to do so for many years, is that they fall into a panic attack victim mentality.   They see themselves as being locked in a dark room with this monster, with no way out.   The panic attacks then become a habit, part of their lifestyle, and this then leads to depression and other mental disorders.
It doesn’t have to be this way.  Panic attack victim mentality can be addressed successfully.    What if you changed the way you are thinking, and found a way to have more control over the disorder?   What if you became a person who became so confident that the thought of a panic attack occurring held no fear at all?
The way to do this is by choosing to have a different reaction when an anxious thought surfaces.   Most people don’t realise that our ability to choose the way we react to situations is so powerful that we could eliminate so many things which affect us.   Think about it!   Are you really so helpless that you have decided to remain a victim for the rest of your life?   Think of all the decisions you make each day, like paying the bills, answering the phone etc etc.   If you can make thousands of decisions each day, why do you feel you can’t make the decision to address your panic attacks or anxiety.
You are nowhere as powerless as you may think you are.   Make a decision to address your disorder and your panic attack victim mentality today and, whatever method you choose to follow, remember that you have the inner strength to see it to the end.   You already have the strength, you just need to make the decision to do so, over and over again.
Make that decision and start today to address your panic attacks and your panic attack victim mentality.   Here are things you can do immediately to get you on the right path:
1.   Go to and read all the great free advice to help you reduce your anxiety.
join our page here

join our page here

2.  Add me to your skype ( vincent.benedict449) and let’s discuss your problems.  It’s free and you will feel great afterwards.
3.   If you feel that you are ready to address your panic attacks or anxiety immediately, there is a way which is drug free, and you get free personal support from me.   Click here and read about how easy it is to start today.
It’s up to you.  Panic attack victim mentality or hero?
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***Disclaimer:    Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

Royce White struggles against panic attacks

Royce White panic attacks

Royce White Panic Attacks

Royce White panic attacks started at the age of 16 years when he smoked marijuana for the first time.   White, a first-round draft pick of the NBA’s Houston Rockets who now plays for the franchise’s Texas-based Development League team, recently discussed his mental health problems which also included his fear of flying.   Recent problems led  to White failing to join the team and a suspension by the Rockets — which was later lifted
after a settlement.
Recent interviews with fans show little understanding regarding his problems and regular comments include “sort it out and get back to work.”   Vincent Benedict of reports that drugs induced panic attacks happen regularly and is on the increase due to growth in use.   Panic attacks are treatable and involve reducing stress, and techniques to change the way the client thinks.   “With proper treatment, sufferers like Royce can reduce their anxiety greatly and, finally, lead a normal life.   There are no miracle cures but everyone can feel better if they are motivated enough to try the techniques.”
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join our page here

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Houston Rockets first round draft pick Royce White from Iowa State speaks with the … common fear, instead, it’s being trapped or out of control — or in a panic attack.

*** Disclaimer:  Please  note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

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