Stop researching your problem

Be an ex-sufferer of panic attacks

One of the things I ask my clients, on the Eliminate Panic Attacks programme, to do is to start acting as if they are an ex-sufferer of panic attacks/anxiety.   They stop discussing their issues with friends and stop researching their problems on the internet.   By continually thinking and talking about your attacks, you are empowering the panic and it starts to get a stronger hold over you.   Instead, we need to do the opposite.   Act as if it is of no significance in your life.   After all, it is just a group of sensations which can’t do you any harm.  They only make you feel unwell for a few minutes.
Once they have started practicing this technique and others on the programme, they will find that their brain will try to take on these new beliefs and make them reality.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.
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