New year’s resolution for panic attack sufferers

New Year’s resolution for panic attack sufferers

Wanting to make a New Year  resolution shows that, at the back of your mind, is a desire to better yourself.   The fact that people keep making resolutions even when they don’t always follow through ultimately means that you have hope and a certain level of belief in your ability to change.

Setting a resolution also increases your chances of success.   Research shows that if you make a resolution, you have a 46% chance of success.   This compares to four percent who wanted to achieve a certain goal and considered it, but didn’t actually create a resolution.

Panicattacktherapist will be encouraging panic attack sufferers to make 2015 the year they take action to rid themselves of their attacks.   Their online programme includes full support from the creator of the programme, Vincent Benedict, by phone, skype, facebook chat.   Also included will be regular webinars which involve relaxation exercises and meditation.   2014 has been a great year for Panicattacktherapist with many clients finally getting rid of their issues and leading normal lives.

Anyone considering starting this programme during the first week of January 2015, can currently use it for 7 days free of charge, to see if this programme is really as good as everyone says it is.   Vincent Benedict is also available to discuss your issues and how he can help you.     Just ring 077 8215 8008 or skype vincent.benedict449.

Are you ready to start on 1 Jan 2015?  Read about our programme by clicking here.


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