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Find the absence of noise.

Whilst lying on a beautiful beach in Benalmadina, I realised how calm and relaxed I was.  There was no sound but the lapping of the waves.  There was no external contact, as I had forgotten my phone at the apartment.  There were no thoughts about work, or marketing.
This, I realised, is our normal state.  This is our pure state.  This is the state in which we arrive on this planet, and the manner in which we are expected to exist.

The problem is that we introduce noise to the equation.  Noise is anything which affects our original state.  It can be anger, anxiety, panic, alcohol, jealousy etc etc.
Think of the instances in your life which create this noise. Think of a person who fills you with anger.  Think of the supermarket you are scared of entering.  The motorway you try to avoid.

The world of mass is incapable of creating a feeling.  It cannot produce a feeling of fear or apprehension in us.  Yet we, on a daily basis, attach emotions or feelings to external objects.

Our aim in life must surely be happiness, and to attain this state, we need to be able to recapture our original state of calmness, before the noise arrived.

Close your eyes and visualise yourself being calm, and at peace.  Take some deep breaths and let all the tension out of your body.  Accept that this is your normal state, and a state which you are entitled to.  Now open your eyes and look around you, and notice how calm everything is.  This is how it is before the noise appears.  Notice that anything which interferes negatively with this condition is just noise, and of no consequence to you.  It cannot influence you or affect you.

Think of when you are having anticipation anxiety, and are worried about a future event.  The future event doesn’t exist in reality, it only exists as an idea.  It might never happen or it might happen in a completely different manner. The thought patterns you are experiencing are just noise, and they interfere with your natural state.

The next time you experience these negative states, acknowledge their existence, and label them as noise, and discard them.  Go back to your natural state.

Your natural state is always constant and calm.  If you think inwards, you will find that you are always ok.  You are breathing, your heart is beating, and you are alive.  So, when someone asks how you are, the answer must always be “I am ok”.  Even if you are feeling anxious, your normal state is still “ok”, and will always be “ok”.  Anything else is just noise!

Vincent Benedict


(Vincent Benedict is a specialist in the treatment of panic attacks/anxiety. If you are interested in hiring him as your therapist, please email on

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