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Find the absence of noise.

Whilst lying on a beautiful beach in Benalmadina, I realised how calm and relaxed I was.  There was no sound but the lapping of the waves.  There was no external contact, as I had forgotten my phone at the apartment.  There were no thoughts about work, or marketing.
This, I realised, is our normal state.  This is our pure state.  This is the state in which we arrive on this planet, and the manner in which we are expected to exist.

The problem is that we introduce noise to the equation.  Noise is anything which affects our original state.  It can be anger, anxiety, panic, alcohol, jealousy etc etc.
Think of the instances in your life which create this noise. Think of a person who fills you with anger.  Think of the supermarket you are scared of entering.  The motorway you try to avoid.

The world of mass is incapable of creating a feeling.  It cannot produce a feeling of fear or apprehension in us.  Yet we, on a daily basis, attach emotions or feelings to external objects.

Our aim in life must surely be happiness, and to attain this state, we need to be able to recapture our original state of calmness, before the noise arrived.

Close your eyes and visualise yourself being calm, and at peace.  Take some deep breaths and let all the tension out of your body.  Accept that this is your normal state, and a state which you are entitled to.  Now open your eyes and look around you, and notice how calm everything is.  This is how it is before the noise appears.  Notice that anything which interferes negatively with this condition is just noise, and of no consequence to you.  It cannot influence you or affect you.

Think of when you are having anticipation anxiety, and are worried about a future event.  The future event doesn’t exist in reality, it only exists as an idea.  It might never happen or it might happen in a completely different manner. The thought patterns you are experiencing are just noise, and they interfere with your natural state.

The next time you experience these negative states, acknowledge their existence, and label them as noise, and discard them.  Go back to your natural state.

Your natural state is always constant and calm.  If you think inwards, you will find that you are always ok.  You are breathing, your heart is beating, and you are alive.  So, when someone asks how you are, the answer must always be “I am ok”.  Even if you are feeling anxious, your normal state is still “ok”, and will always be “ok”.  Anything else is just noise!

Vincent Benedict


(Vincent Benedict is a specialist in the treatment of panic attacks/anxiety. If you are interested in hiring him as your therapist, please email on

Parents with panic attacks


Parents with panic attacks

People suffer from panic attacks, and it may affect their jobs or social lives.  However, in the case of parents with panic attacks, the consequences can be 10 times worse.  If the attacks are not addressed immediately, the sensations may get worse and start affecting their role as a parent.

A parent with panic attacks may find it difficult to take their children to school, attend class performances, take their children to the park or beach.  They see their children grow up without them, and the feelings of guilt will stay with them for a long time.  Problems may get worse if the child starts showing signs of anxiety, which it has learned from its parents.

As the situation gets worse, and the safety zone gets smaller, the parents’ self esteem diminishes as they see themself failing in their role as a parent.

Parents with panic attacks will, after a medical, either end up on medication or counselling.  However, this rarely helps and the parent will grasp at natural remedies, acupuncture, vitamin tablets, or whatever else they come across on a google search.  As each miracle cure fails, they become more and more demotivated and give up on ever being a “normal” parent again.




However, it doesn’t have to be like this.  I am an ex-sufferer and I understand what has caused your panic attacks, and why you are in this cycle of fear.  I can tell you that there is no miracle cure, or expensive weekend retreat, which will cure you of your anxiety disorder.  Recovery takes time and effort and, because I have been through this myself, I can show you the way.  I have already worked successfully with thousands of clients and my facebook page is one of the largest therapy groups on facebook. (You can visit it here).  I can show you a structured programme to follow, with personal support from myself,  to make sure you get the most benefits.   There are no expensive fees or contracts and, because it’s all online, you don’t even have to leave home to follow the programme.  I am the only panic attack therapist who offers daily personal support for when you are having a bad day.   When I was a sufferer, I only saw my counsellor every couple of weeks.  If I ever hit a bad patch, there was no-one to turn to.  Seeing a counsellor every few weeks, with homework in between sessions, will not work for this kind of disorder.
Here is what I will provide for you, once you make the decision to do whatever is necessary, to get you back on the road to recovery:

*   Full online programme with mp3 recordings.  These are anxiety reducing recordings but also includes one which you can listen to, via headphones, on your way to the school, supermarket etc.  It will help to reduce your anxiety when you do something you normally avoid.
**  We do almost daily, live, webinars to reduce your anxiety and make you mentally stronger.  These are live sessions and will speed your recovery.  It is up to you how many sessions you attend in any week.  You will not require any special equipment or webcams etc.
***  Membership to a closed facebook group where you can chat to others in your own situation.  If you wish, we also have a buddy system if you want to have support from another client.
****I will provide personal support for everyone on this programme.  This can be via email, facebook chat, phone text, webinars; it is up to the client to choose his/her preferred medium of communication.
*****  I want anyone interested to sign up today and get used to learning how to use the log ins etc.  On Monday, the group start working together, with my support, to follow the techniques which will help you start being a “normal” parent again.

So, you are probably wondering how much this is going to cost? My normal rates are £45 or £125 per month, depending on the package you choose.  However, in order to try and help as many parents as possible, this therapy will only cost £35 per month.  There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.  £35 for the chance to start taking an active role in caring for your children!




So, here is what I want you to do:

*   Sign up today using this linkThe total cost is only £35 per month.  As payments are by credit card / debit card / paypal, your payments are protected.  Read the instructions you will receive in your email box (check your spam filter, if necessry).
**   Make a request to join my closed facebook  group for my clients only.  Here is the link.  I will meet you there and give you further instructions.
***  Congratulate yourself for taking the first step to recovery.  You have joined other parents with panic attacks, and starting a new life.


If you really want to join this programme to help parents with panic attacks, but there is some obstacle stopping you, phone me on 077 8215 8008 or email me on  I may still be able to help.



join our page here

join our page here









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    Parents with panic attacks



The most important part of an effective panic attack programme

panic attack programme

People regularly ask me what I feel is the most important part of a panic attack programme.
When I was a sufferer, the thing I missed most was regular contact with a therapist. Weekly sessions were ok but, if I hit a bad patch during the week, there was no-one to contact. I also found that I was unable to carry out exercises and exposure sessions, which the therapist had left me to do during the week. I just didn’t have the mental strength to carry them out and failure often left me feeling deflated.
Many panic attack programmes offer a helpline number to call when you have a problem, but I find that this is insufficient for a sufferer in need. When a client calls, he expects to speak to his therapist and not a random person who happens to be on duty that day. Always ensure that you will only be contacting the therapist when you call.

Daily contact by the therapist should also include a webinar which involves meditation or relaxation. Regular sessions will help reduce stress, and make you mentally stronger to face any future challenges. These sessions should also be live, and not a recording. The client needs to know that their therapist is there physically for them, and available should any need arise.
When you are considering investing in a panic attack programme, ensure that the above is offered before you enrol. It will make all the difference to your recovery.

If you have any questions to ask, you are welcome to contact me via my facebook page.


Vincent Benedict DipHyp, DipSPC, CertTH, NLP Pract


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***Disclaimer:  Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

Rebecca Adlington panic attacks and anxiety – I’m a Celebrity explains her anxiety disorder

Rebecca Adlington Panic Attacks and Anxiety

I’m a Celebrity favourite Rebecca Adlington has revealed she has an anxiety disorder which causes her to experience panic attacks.

The Olympic gold swimmer, 24, said the condition related specifically to confined underground spaces, explaining her inability to take part in several Bushtucker Trials.

Kent therapist Vincent Benedict, whose programme to eliminate panic attacks and anxiety is gaining amazing reviews from clients, states that anxiety disorder is more common than people think.   About 18% of the population will be affected at one time or the other, but only about a third of these seek any form of help.

The good news is that anxiety/panic attacks are highly treatable.   The first thing to do when you feel that you have had an attack, even if you don’t know what it is, is to contact your doctor.   If tests show that there is nothing physically wrong with you, then there is a chance that you have an anxiety disorder.  Ask your doctor for advice about the different therapies available to you.   Therapy does not need to be expensive, so shop around.   For an online programme, with support, you should not have to pay more than £50 per month.   It is very important to take action as soon as possible, before the problem deteriorates.

At, we are currently treating clients from all round the world, with personal support available via phone, facebook or skype.   Our facebook page “eliminate panic attacks and anxiety” has only been going one year and already has 11000 fans on it, showing how big this problem is.   With Xmas approaching, and the increased stresses of modern life, these numbers are expected to increase by a big margin.



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Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington

*** Disclaimer: Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

Facebook Buddy System for Panic Attack Sufferers

Facebook Buddy System

It is hard enough to tackle your panic attacks, but even worse when you have to do it alone, and without anyone around who understands what you are going through. has now come up with the idea of starting a Facebook Buddy System to help people, who feel they would benefit from support from someone who has already completed the programme and has more experience of the techniques we teach.

New clients, or those going through a bad patch, can now buddy up with another member who has more experience of the programme, and receive the  support they need.   If you feel that you need that extra bit of support, just post your request on the page and wait for someone to contact you.   If you don’t feel confident enough to make a request, just read the posts for a few days till you feel you are ready.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

Stop Panic Attacks

Stop Panic Attacks

Stop Panic Attacks
The chances are that you have come to this page because you are suffering from panic attacks, and are looking for a way to stop panic attacks.
stop panic attacks

What you need to learn first is that there are coping techniques, and methods to stop panic attacks completely.   Many people get confused by the two and think techniques like deep breathing will stop your panic attacks.   This is untrue as, normally, when you do this type of breathing, the panic attack has already started.   Medication is also just another coping strategy.   It helps to mask the problem but will not stop panic attacks returning.The biggest block to stop panic attacks is your motivation.   Most sufferers confine themselves to a life of avoidance and medication, afraid to take the first step.  They are afraid of the unknown and refuse to budge, even though they know that no escape comes from sitting down and doing nothing.   Imagine that you are a pigeon in the middle of the road and a car is approaching fast.  You can either get scared and close your eyes and hope the car misses you, or you can take action and fly away from danger.   You know the second choice is the sensible choice; don’t you think it is now time to make choices like this with the rest of your life?Have a look at the video below about taking that big step in your life?   Ever wondered what you have to lose?

If you are ready to stop panic attacks, then you need to learn techniques like The Rollercoaster technique, as taught on the online programme, Eliminate Panic Attacks and Anxiety.   Regular use of this technique will help you accept the symptoms, and once the fear has gone, the panic will disappear.   If you have had enough of coping, or standing in the middle of the road with your eyes closed,  and want to stop panic attacks, go to this link and learn to get your life back.   Remember what it was like before the panic attacks arrived?   You can get back there and start living a fulfilling life again.


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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from person to person.

panic attacks facilities

Panic Attacks assistance for sufferers is poor

panic attacks

Don’t let people discourage you from eliminating your panic attacks

Insufficient facilities for sufferers of panic attacks
Panic attacks are on the increase due to the stresses of modern living.   Despite this increase, facilities available to help you when you are struck down, still remains the same as it has been for years.The doctor is normally the first port of call and this normally involves being put on medication and a referral to a specialist.   However, these specialists are so over stretched that people have to suffer in silence for many months before they are seen by anyone.  Rebecca Walton, in a recent BBC radio interview, described how she had been waiting for 4 months without any sign of light at the end of the tunnel.   Many sufferers of panic attacks also have to give up work and therefore don’t have the funds to pay for private treatment.
 Vincent Benedict ( explains how he receives numerous emails and telephone calls each day from people who suffer from panic attacks and are desperate for any kind of help.   “The cost to the economy must run into millions through the cost of medication, keeping people on benefits, and regular calls to the emergency services.  If the government was to introduce a more robust system where sufferers of panic attacks are seen more quicker, before their symptoms get worse, then they would save a lot of money.”
join our page here

join our page here

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

Stop researching your problem

Be an ex-sufferer of panic attacks

One of the things I ask my clients, on the Eliminate Panic Attacks programme, to do is to start acting as if they are an ex-sufferer of panic attacks/anxiety.   They stop discussing their issues with friends and stop researching their problems on the internet.   By continually thinking and talking about your attacks, you are empowering the panic and it starts to get a stronger hold over you.   Instead, we need to do the opposite.   Act as if it is of no significance in your life.   After all, it is just a group of sensations which can’t do you any harm.  They only make you feel unwell for a few minutes.
Once they have started practicing this technique and others on the programme, they will find that their brain will try to take on these new beliefs and make them reality.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.

Increase in stress expected

Panic Attacks over Christmas

skype for panic attacks

Panic Attacks over Christmas

Panic attacks over Christmas are very common.  Your heart starts to pound and your breathing is shallower and difficult. You are finding it hard to focus and your palms are sweating. You are suffering from a panic attack.

Kent based company has noticed an increase in clients suffering from panic attacks, and the numbers are expected to increase as panic attacks over Christmas normally increase. Christmas time is a stressful time and people find it hard to cope, especially if finances are an issue.

“There is no doubt that panic attacks are on the increase.” says hypnotherapist, Vincent Benedict. “Anxiety problems have been around for some time but it is now getting overwhelming. Increase in workplace stress, people work longer hours and expectations from them are too high. People have forgotten how to relax properly and turn to quick fix cures like drinking alcohol, which can make panic attacks worse.”

In many cases, people don’t realise that they are suffering from stress until they have a panic attack out of the blue. It is like a warning signal from the body that you are under too much pressure. Women are also more likely to suffer. Some experts believe that this is so because women have a more stressful role in life. Others believe that female numbers are high because they are more likely to ask for help.   Panic attacks are treatable and you should seek help as soon as possible.

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*** Disclaimer:   Please note that, as with all therapies, results may vary from client to client.
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