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Rebecca Adlington panic attacks and anxiety – I’m a Celebrity explains her anxiety disorder

Rebecca Adlington Panic Attacks and Anxiety

I’m a Celebrity favourite Rebecca Adlington has revealed she has an anxiety disorder which causes her to experience panic attacks.

The Olympic gold swimmer, 24, said the condition related specifically to confined underground spaces, explaining her inability to take part in several Bushtucker Trials.

Kent therapist Vincent Benedict, whose programme to eliminate panic attacks and anxiety is gaining amazing reviews from clients, states that anxiety disorder is more common than people think.   About 18% of the population will be affected at one time or the other, but only about a third of these seek any form of help.

The good news is that anxiety/panic attacks are highly treatable.   The first thing to do when you feel that you have had an attack, even if you don’t know what it is, is to contact your doctor.   If tests show that there is nothing physically wrong with you, then there is a chance that you have an anxiety disorder.  Ask your doctor for advice about the different therapies available to you.   Therapy does not need to be expensive, so shop around.   For an online programme, with support, you should not have to pay more than £50 per month.   It is very important to take action as soon as possible, before the problem deteriorates.

At, we are currently treating clients from all round the world, with personal support available via phone, facebook or skype.   Our facebook page “eliminate panic attacks and anxiety” has only been going one year and already has 11000 fans on it, showing how big this problem is.   With Xmas approaching, and the increased stresses of modern life, these numbers are expected to increase by a big margin.



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Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington

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