Why is my heart beating to fast?

Why is my heart beating so fast?

“Why is my heart beating so fast?” is a question many sufferers from panic attacks/anxiety often ask themselves.
As with any symptom, the first port of call is always the doctor.   You may have a physical condition which can be easily remedied by medication.   If the doctor is unable to find anything wrong with your heart, and feels that your heart is beating at a normal rate, ask him if it could be caused by anxiety.

Worrying about your heart beating fast can take up most of your time and become obsessive.   Many people end up buying heart monitors and regularly monitor their heart rate.  If the reading is high, they worry.   If the reading is low, they worry.   If the reading is average, they worry the machine may not be accurate.   The heart monitor becomes the most important item in their life and determines whether they have an average day or a bad day; they will rarely have a good day.

A heart is built to beat at different speeds depending on the activity of the person concerned.  Our heart will beat faster if we are playing a sport, or slower if we are resting.   However, the anxious person will focus on a number and anything above or below that number is a cause for worry.

In most cases, if an anxiety sufferer was to measure their heart beat they would find that it is beating at a normal speed…just like the doctor said!   Get a watch with a second hand and take your pulse and notice the reading.   Take the reading after a period of exercise, and you will note that it will be slightly faster.   Your heart is healthy and working as it should be. The problem with anxiety sufferers is that they have become sensitized to their heartbeat and can feel every beat, and imagine it beating faster or missing the occasional tempo.  You imagine the slightest noise or other event causing your heart to jump, and possibly cause damage to your heart.    Remember, you cannot damage your heart yourself.   There is no activity that you can do which can cause your heart to burst.   Any soreness or pain are merely muscular chest-wall strain, brought on by tension.   You are only aware of its beating, and are making yourself more aware by worrying about it, and paying it too much attention.


Here is the solution to worrying about your heart beating faster.

To start recovery, sell the heart monitor.   If the doctor has suggested that you need one in your house, then consult with him first.   Stop focussing on your heart beat by learning relaxation and distraction techniques.   Panic attacks and anxiety are treatable but it requires the sufferer to have the motivation to change their lifestyle.   Join our facebook page here  for more advice on how to remove anxiety and panic attacks from your life permanently.   Remember what your life used to be like?

If you are interested in starting treatment for your panic attacks, click on the blue button below to read about a programme which is changing people’s lives.  This is the only programme around which provides online sessions with an experienced therapist, to reduce your anxiety and make you mentally stronger, and get you back on the road to recovery.


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